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Colombian Mariana

Customers rated Colombian Mariana 5 out of 5 based on 354 reviews
Be strong, Be confident, Be yourself.
Sep 9th @ 2:26pm EDT
Being offline while hurricane Irma hits Florida
Guys thank you so much for everything, I will be offline while the hurricane Irma stay here also as you know we would lost power light so while all would be Ok. I hope to see you as soon all things happens , thank you for all muchos besos

Sofia :)
Dec 24th @ 6:45pm EST
Feliz Navidad
I want to wish you a great holiday with families and friends.

Feliz Navidad
Dec 25th @ 1:15pm EST
Merry xmas
Merry Xmas to all my friends , I wish you the best in this special day with family members and pets hahha love for everybody and peace
Dec 2nd @ 6:39pm EST
December raffle win a personalizate tablet :)
Raffle December nnHey guys, win a personalizate galaxy tablet with pictures of my diary life naughty ones too. :) nnTickets 1-1000 credits nn2000 credits 3 tickets nn3000 credits 5 tickets nn5000 credits 10 tickets nnso let's pay this awesome raffle, please when you send tips write me December raffle :) nnThe raffle goes until December 30 nnYou will love the conten of this tablet.. I will star working on it so hard to make the winner happynnThank you so much againnnPs also offline gifts go in the game nnXOXO
Nov 6th @ 12:43pm EST
Can a Smile Change?
The Savage Garden

Into the Savage Garden we roam, All of us wary of lights past shone. Underfoot we hear sighs,
We're not quite sure why,

Into the Savage Garden we roam.

Through the willow we see flowers weep. Their beauty's all gone so they steep,
In thought of what was,
For that's all beauty does,

Through the willow we see flowers weep.

Above from a bird we hear laughter. The joke is impending disaster. Then silence is fell,
As if under a spell,

Above from a bird we hear laughter.

At the edge of the path we feel fear.
Trees reach with their claws and then sneer. The Garden waits to collect,
On all of our debts,
At the edge of the path we feel fear.

Each minute our knees become weaker. I don't know if we've felt much bleaker. The Garden seeks to destroy,
That which it raised from a boy,

Each minute our knees become weaker.

It seems fire's the only solution; We marvel at our contribution. Man strives to command,
That which he can't understand. It seems fire's the only solution.

Through the fire and smoke I recall,
A shining glimpse of a thought, ever small: It is all fair,
Says the fox to the hare,
Through the fire and smoke I recall.

In this moment we wish to amend,
Our actions which sprang from our heads. For the death of this sprawl,
Means the death of us all,
In this moment we wish to amend.

Truth is, the past is cement.
And paired with each block is regret. Ignorance is bliss,
Let's seal it with a kiss,
Truth is, the past is cement.

Remember these verses in mourning. Their story is true; heed my warning, For the Garden is there,
Permeating our air,

Remember these verses in mourning.

Was it me, or was it you?

Was it me?

Or was it you?

Trust is gone.

Is this true?

Love is lost.

Forever away.

Tears have fallen

Nothing left to say.

Was it me?

Or was it you?

You walked away

Nothing I could do.

Anger and sadness

My heart felt

You left me stranded

With no help.

Tears I cried

Dead; I wanted to be

Forgotten I am

You are happy.

Was it me?

Or was it you?

Love I still feel

What to do?

It was you

I know for sure

I never gave up

My love is pure

I sit alone

And cry at night

Hoping one day

You'd know I'm right

Our love was unique

It was true

Lost I am

I miss you.

Was it me?

Or was it you?
Nov 6th @ 12:38pm EST
That Pale Horse
That Pale Horse

Life is forsaken
My world is but gone
My need is for only one
Days are all gray
Nights are all fear
That I won't score my gear
I started on oxy
Moved on to horse
Now I'm banging two grams a day
I can't stop
I just don't know how
my only God now
Arms full of scars
Veins have all collapsed
Now I'm hittin my femoral
Red on my sheets
Robbing old women
So much for any morals
I can't quit
I just don't how
my only God now
I never fit in
But how I got here
I truly haven't a clue
Hitting rock bottom
For me means death
A needle hanging from skin of blue
My master he calls
With skin that crawls
For the rush I need to feel
Emotionless now
Needing somehow
The nod I know is real
I know I can't quit
Don't have the will pow
my only God now


Agonizing hours spent preparing the perfect mix

Checking and rechecking the tone and rhythm and flow

Hoping it will communicate to you how much I love you

Praying it won't seem ill-conceived

Thinking it will make me seem cool even though I don't want you to know I worry about something as trifling as that

Why can't I just tell you that you are the muse for all of my






I love you more with each thing I make
Nov 3rd @ 7:06pm EDT

You can’t
Trust -

You trust
Your mother,
She tells your

You trust your
Wife, she tells her

You trust your
Hubby, he tells
His mates.

You trust your son,
He twitters it all….

You trust your
Daughter, she
Posts it on FB’s
Wall ;)

You trust yourself? ?

You tell the whole
World ;)

How? ?

Through blogs and
Poems :)

Aparna Chatterjee


When I see your
Dimpled smile :)
Twinkling* eyes
Glistening grin!
Naughty wink ;)
And the stubbled chin
Of a day old shave.

I feel like making love
To your Adonis Face
With kisses and caresses.

Tracing you with my
Touches...through the
Ruffles of your hair
The contours of your
Visage ~ to the
Curls on your nape
Down the deep trenches
Of your tempting throat.


Not Satiated?

Want a bit more?

But remember,
It was all about
Making love to your Face!


A little low down.

Let me see ;)
What I can do
With my hands
And mouth:
On those Tips
Of your
Matted Chest.

Aparna Chatterjee
Nov 3rd @ 7:04pm EDT

Love And Sex In Comparison

Love can commence from sex
Sex can begin from love
But relationship has potency
When love comes first before sex

Love exist without sex
Sex subsist without love
But relationship without sex
Is longer than relationship devoid of love

Love cause passion
Obsession cause sex
Passion on love cause you to be possessive
Obsession on sex cause you an indecent act

Love is vital in relationship
Relationship desires sex
But relationship restricted of sex is more precious
Than relationship lack of love

Love is felt with the one you love
Sex experience with the one you love
But sex is absence without physical interaction
While love is present though your miles apart

Love and sex are element of our lives
Their related and sometimes contrasted
What important for us is we know
How love and sex help our relationship to grow

nylezah guiamad

What Will You Have?

Sex like the sizzle of popcorn with hot dripping butter
Sex like the ooze of mint from within the chocolate
Sex like a rough rump roast supple yet tough
Sex like a smooth of a hollandaise ready to obey
Sex like Salty caviar pearls bursting between your teeth
Sex like a fine cru de te able to be nibbled on all day
Sex like to warm wrapping of caramel around the crisp swollen apple
Sex like the finest meal you'd ever want but never enough to be ample!

Sandra Dodd
Nov 3rd @ 7:02pm EDT
The difference between love without sex and sex without love

The difference between love without sex and sex without love

Sex without love is obviously
having sex with someone you dont
love. In fact, you probably have
sex with just about anyone. You
feel as if you have to do it.
You crave sex. Its all you
think about. When you are having
sex, you enjoy it but when you not
doing it, you just want to
rip out all of your hair. Every
where you go, you just gotta have
it. Sex is your life.

Love without sex is having a
relationship without sex. You
love this person to the fullest
but refuse to have sex with
them for some reason.But what
if yall never share yall love
for each other. What couple doesnt
have sex just for fun?
Mystery Question! But why
must we have a love without sex relationship?
Ah yes, another mystery question.

But through this all, there is another mystery
question that remains! ! ! ! !

Would you prefer a \'sex without love\' relationship
a \'love without sex\' relationship?

If we were to have a sex without love
relationship, would you just hit and quit me?
if we were to have a love without sex
relationship, could you even stand to be with me?

Yeah, i bet you cant answer those.

*aka* dat girl nickey

Nickey Mason
Sep 15th @ 12:40pm EDT
how to make to cum a sexy girl.
95% of females can't cum from sex UNLESS, they're on top..and they're on top why? so they can stimulate their doin' their lil snake charm grindin' grab on our pelvic bones..which..really does nothin' for us(guys) the key is.. eat pussy first......make her cum a few times...numb her up..then hammer away or soft and slow with alot of vaginal teasing with your magic stick to build it all up in the end, however u like......

now once ur in between her legs..don't just fuckin' dive in there like a bum at a thanksgiving charity dinner...take your fuckin'time I know pussy is nearly irresistable...but don't act like it is..

lick her inner thighs, kiss them..kiss around her pussy lips..kiss the lips etc. etc..

finally once u've got your tongue on her clit..this is what u do..(u can use ur hands to spread her lips here if u want..that's all's easier to make em cum w/their lips u have easier access to their clit) now...roll the tip and somewhat flat part of your tongue around the clit in a circular motion...slowly...DONT STOP...the KEY is to hold your rhythm...listen to homegirls breathin'..use this as feedback..and react w/your tongue want her breathin' to be a steady pace..kinda like a clock...tick tock tick tock tick sounds lame but she should be breathin' on not MOANING..breathing...listen to her breathin'...listen to the moans when ur on the phone or somethin' the key is...DONT STOP (I emphasize this, cuz it's important...if u STOP GO STOP GO haphazard like, you're not gonna get anywhere)...DONT STOP..even if it's to pick a hair outta ur mouth...just hold your her clit...increase speed gradually... once u've got the speed up a bit...and her breathin' is tellin' u on target..use more of the tip of ur tongue...and move it less...but at a slightly faster pace...basically work ur way into..flickin' it back n forth like a punching's hard to explain..but it's kinda like vibratin' your tongue..not swayin' it back n forth like a wreckin' ball..slappin' her clit as you swoosh by..if u can keep this up for atleast 60 seconds...she'll cum..if she's stubborn and won't bust..get a finger or two up inside her..hook ur finger(s)..and kinda "scratch""scrape""tickle""massage" her Gspot..which feels like a lil's on the "ceiling" of her pussy..inside..and up top.. about an inch in.. consider your fingers holdin' the harmony..while your tongue works the melody...and she'll bust before u know it..'ve the worst thing u can do STOP..keep fuckin' goin..this is the good part..if u ignore her pants, rants, and gestures for u to stop..and keep goin' like she hasn't busted..

(she'll initially want u to stop cuz she's all madd sensitive at the moment)..after 10-15 seconds, the sensitivity for her will fade..and about a minute later..yes A MINUTE..she'll bust do it again and again and again until she declares you the winner....the only way to know you did a good job is by getting served seconds thirds fourths and fifths!
Sep 6th @ 11:31pm EDT
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I love to write post, poems and share a little bit of me in a blog, IF you want to know me Become in a member and enjoy me more in my other side :)

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Into my gallery I have HD Professional Pictures so you enjoy great quality pictures, I am wearing sexy outfits like costumes, sexy lingerie, Naked Pictures, Hardcore and Soft-core Pictures.
Aug 6th @ 4:15pm EDT
My New Fan Club
I keep working in my fan club, i added some nice and naughty pictures so i hope you enjoy it like i did.....


see you soon guys. Muakk
Jul 17th @ 2:52pm EDT
I am back guys. xoxox
Hey guys i am back from a short vacation.

Hey guys, I am very happy to see you soon, I was taking a vacation because I was so bored and I needed a little time with myself so now I am back online I hope tonight or soon, but come and say hi, I will love to see you. Also I was making a photoshot for my members on my fan club so I hope when I finish it you love it. I enjoyed doing it. Big kisses guys I see you soon.

Aug 28th @ 12:00pm EDT
I will do a photoshoot
I will do a photoshot next week, for a great magazine , and some videos too , I will wear sexy lingerie, high heels, sexy clothing, beautiful makeup and I will play with a lot of toys in my professional videos, I am.very excite with my new job and I hope you like a nice job that I am doing in the future, its too hard when you are studying and running bussines, but I love to be pussy and share time with some of my favorites guys. I am going to be ready for my break and I see you tonight so bye bye my sexy papis
Aug 28th @ 11:54am EDT
hello my lovers
Hello guys I had a great time last night playing and talking with you guys, thank you so much for the great time :-) . I love to share time with my friends and fans. I hope to see you later so kisses.

Mar 3rd @ 2:05pm EST
Hello Guys I will be back soon.
Hi my sweet I wasn't online because I was sick at the hospital, I missed you a lot guys and I want to be online soon. I hope.
Feb 20th @ 9:14pm EST
Ohhh thank you guys :P
Thank you guys for all the gifts and messages, I was busy studying, and a little bit sick :). I missed you so much too guys, really thank you for all the messages and gifts.
XOXOXO. I will be online tomorrow early and at night. Big kiss from me.
Jan 23rd @ 2:27pm EST
Hey Guys :P
Guys I am going to enjoy the Steeles game today. I hope we win today too :P . I see you at night when I am back and celebrate :P XOXOXO.

Nov 11th @ 8:24pm EST
Guys , I am so horny tonight.
I want to squirt and play with myself. I dont know what is happening with me tonight but I am really horny. I hope I can see my horny friends tonight. XOXOXOXO
I will be online in 10 minutes.
Nov 8th @ 10:32am EST
BRB Guys
Hey guys, BRB, I need to go at supermarket and eat something. I see you in the afternoon. big kiss and Be good.

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Siamese Cat: hello
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